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Starting a business an important step towards pursuing your dreams and setting yourself for success. With the legal and business obligations, helping you open a business is only the first step


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Market Entry

Providing you with a service of opening and registering your business either as a sole proprietor or a limited liability company (LLC) in Slovenia. Opening the business in Slovenia provides fast and easy access to the EU markets.


  • Consultation on company registration
  • Registration of sole proprietor business in Slovenia
  • Registration of limited liability company (LLC) in Slovenia
  • Business package – accounting, legal and business consulting
  • Business intermediation for non-Slovenian market


Entering the Slovenian and EU Markets


As a foreign or a domestic established business or an entrepreneur, you would like to enter the Slovenian or the EU market with the desire of growing and have business connections in a powerful EU market. Additionally, the EU market provides you with the advantages that your business needs.

Domestic entrepreneurs want to open a business and start a new company.


Registering your business using our services, we provide you with a fast and simple way of registering your business irrespective of your nationality in Slovenia a a gateway to both Slovenian and EU markets. Slovenia provides you with full access and legal rights of EU markets while in close proximity to major EU economies and non-EU markets. Additionally, we offer you an business package to help and assist you from the first day with you business and needs.

Package and services

Opening your business is the most important step you will make, therefore we provide you with all the services any entity needs to successfully and effortlessly open a business or a subsidiary. We have created a business package useful for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. The package includes the following services and offerings:

        • Consulting on business form
        • Consulting on business name
        • Accounting services
        • Documentation collection and review
        • Legal consulting and guidance
        • Paperwork and official communication representative
        • Visa and work permit applications
        • Long-term business, financial and legal advisor
        • Virtual office with business address

The most trusted source of services and assistant to you can be found: 


Business Inquiry

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General Information

Differences between sole proprietor and LLC
Sole Proprietor LLC
Liability Personal wealth Firm’s capital
Initial Investment None 7,500.00€
Registration Cost None


Notary fees if necessary

Taxation Progressive taxation – 16%, 27%, 41% Income taxes of legal entities – 17%

Standardized expense system

Single-entry bookkeeping

Double-entry bookkeeping

Double-entry bookkeeping
Use of cash Free use of cash Use of cash limited
Salary Firm profit is also salary – salary is not an expense Salary is paid separately with salary being an expense
Loans Limited and complex availability Easier access to loans
How to register your business?

The entity wanting to open the business can contact us by their preferred mean of communication with the required documentation prepared. For the required documentation please refer to this website and for additional support please contact evem.si

Can a business registered in Slovenia access the EU markets?

Yes, all businesses registered in Slovenia can work with firms in other EU markets and be an equal participant in the market

Can a citizen of any country open a business in Slovenia?

Yes, citizen of any country can open a business in Slovenia if the documentation has been obtained. For the necessary documentation refer to this website or contact us by your preferred means of communication. For the additional support you can contact evem.si

Does Slovenia offer a beneficial tax system?

Yes, Slovenia has established a normalized expense system that offer highly beneficial and lucrative taxation system for micro-sized firms with 4% taxation rate

Is a business registered in Slovenia subject to the same regulation as businesses in other countries?

It depends, business is subject to the same EU wide regulation as all other firms in other EU countries as an equal participant. However, it the case of taxation, the firms are subject to Slovenian legislation that can vastly differ from other countries in the EU

Conditions for opening a business in Slovenia

The entity is permitted to open a business in Slovenia if the following conditions are met:

  1. The entity must have all its tax obligations with the Slovenian government paid
  2. The business director and the business representative must be present in person when opening a business
  3. Valid personal identification document
  4. In the case of LLC, a starting capital of 7,500.00€
What is in the business package?

The business package includes all services necessary to successfully open the business and begin the operations. The package therefore includes accounting services, legal support, documentation review and much more

What are the advantages of a opening a business in Slovenia?

Opening a business in Slovenia offers you a highly beneficial tax system while having full access and benefits on EU markets. The proximity to major economies provides the ability to fully utilize the market power while avoiding the difficulties and limitations of other economies

Do I need to find a physical office space if opening a business in Slovenia?

No, you are welcome to explore our service of providing you with a virtual office and a business address sufficient for your business registration and operations

Is Slovenia well connected with other EU economies in terms of transportation?

Yes, Slovenia is very well connected with EU and neighboring countries alike with the geographical location on an important highway cross with no major European city away more than 12h by car. Additionally, Slovenia has brand new railway system connecting EU countries and the international airport close to Ljubljana is no more than 1.5h away from any point in the country

Are visas sponsored by a company in Slovenia valid in other EU countries?

Yes, the visa sponsored by the firm in Slovenia can be used to live in any country in Schengen area, however for the employment outside Slovenia, the firm sponsoring the visa has to provide additional paperwork


Sole Proprietor

Steps before business registration

While the process of opening a business in Slovenia is simple and straight forward, there is nonetheless a need for precaution. Before opening and registering a business, one must answer the following questions:

  1. What will be the name of the business?
  2. Where will be the headquarters and where is the business address?
  3. What is the business sector and its regulation?
  4. Does the business need accounting and legal services?
  5. Does the business have to enter the VAT system?
Steps for registering the business

When opening a business, Vizaris will prepare for you the following forms:

  1. Application for the business registration
  2. Submission of tax information for sole proprietor
  3. Application for social contributions
Required documentation

For the registration of the business, one requires:

  1. personal identification document
  2. tax number
  3. Certified agreement from a landlord of the real estate where your business address will be. The certification can be verified by Vizaris free of charge
Requirements for registering sole proprietor

The individual may open a sole proprietor if the entrepreneur does not owe any taxes to the Slovenian government and has obtained the required education when needed.

Registering "part-time" sole proprietor

In the case of opening a sole proprietor for “part-time”, if the entrepreneur is employed for part-time in a firm, the difference between full insurance premiums (40h per week) and part-time premium (20h per week) must be paid through sole proprietor.

How is "part-time" sole proprietor different?

The legal rights and obligation between “normal” and “part-time” sole proprietor are equal. However, the difference is with the social contributions for insurance.

In the case of “part-time” sole proprietor, the entrepreneur must be insured for physical disabilities, physical damages and death, that is a result of work injury or a disease resulting from doing the activity stated when opening a business. Normative insurance payment for pension and disability insurance is set to 31.85 EUR.

The insurance premium for injuries and diseases resulting from work is set to 8.18 EUR.

Additionally, the “part-time” sole proprietors must pay additional health insurance, whose basis is 25 percent of average gross salary in Slovenia in October of the previous calendar year, with the rate of 6.36 percent. Therefore, the premium is 24.54 EUR.

The full contributions a “part-time” sole proprietor must pay is 64.57 EUR.


Limited Liability Company

Steps for registering the business

For opening a business, we help you with:

  1. Completing the online application form
  2. Register your business in our office
  3. Receive the decision on the application to your mail

Additionally, Vizaris offers the business package to all firms

How to choose the firm name?

The name of the business can be any name one chooses with the sole condition of the name being available and different enough from other firms. In the case of excessive similarities, the name will be rejected.

Choosing the firm representatives

Each firm must agree on at least one director of the firm that must not be a retiree, student nor can it be employed elsewhere. The director must be employed in the firm of which it is a director. Additionally, a firm may name a firm agent.

The director is trusted with managing the firm and may be limited in power with the agreement signed by all parties. If no such agreement is signed, the contracts are valid even if only one director has signed the contract.

The firm agent holds POA (power of attorney) and has full control of the company with the exception of controlling the real estate. The firm agent can also be limited in power by the agreements.

How to register a subsidiary?

The subsidiary can be opened by either a domestic or a foreign company without any starting capital. In the case of business activities in Slovenia, foreign firms must open a subsidiary or a new firm.

The subsidiary can be opened through Vizaris in the case of Slovenian firm, however, in the case of foreign firms, the process must done in the notary office.

Vizaris helps you find the notary office and complete the process.

Requirements for registering LLC

The entity is permitted to open a business in Slovenia if the following conditions are met:

  1. The business director and the business representative must be present in person when opening a business
  2. Valid personal identification document
  3. A starting capital of 7,500.00 EUR
Required documentation for LLC

For the registration of the business, one requires:

  1. personal identification document
  2. tax number
  3. Certified agreement from a landlord of the real estate where your business address will be. The certification can be obtained from Vizaris free of charge
How to choose firm sector?

When opening a business, the sector or the activity must be decided. The firm has one main activity with any number of supplementary activities that can be added free of charge at a later date. Depending on the activities or sectors, some may be regulated.

How to change firm information?

Vizaris can change the following information free of charge:

  1. Name of the firm
  2. The main activity of the firm
  3. Business address
  4. Business headquarters
  5. Firm representative
  6. Firm activities
  7. Contact information

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