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Running a business is a challenge well know to us and every challenge needs a proper solution and approach. Helping you find a solution and optimal approach is the least we can do for you and your business. With the years of experience and diversity, we can help you set your business for success


Legal Services

Handling legal obligations is an integral part of any business and can be encountered on every step. Providing the legal help to businesses cannot be forgotten. We made it a mission to ensure your business does not run in legal issues while bringing the world of business closer to you by eliminating fear of the legal world.

Legal Services

  • Company registration
  • Employment contracts
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Taxation
  • Visas and worker permits


Serving you legal assistance


Entering a world of business always comes with a legal obligations that vastly differ across the countries, as much as they do across countries in the EU. With either newly opening your business or entering the Slovenian market either as a new business or an entry point, Slovenian law represents a new challenge necessary to be dealt with.


We offer you the necessary legal assistance to help you set up the business as well as ensure the required operations. The services ranging from human resources services with visas and work permits to all parties, to handling your interaction with Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, the services help you enter and conduct your business with minimal concerns and effort.


Package and services

The legal aspect of any business can be overwhelming and pose severe difficulties to any business. The legal environment vastly differs across countries. Slovenian market provides unique business opportunities, while also a lesser known legal system with many beneficial aspects:

        • Company registration
        • Employment contracts
        • Mergers and acquisitions of other firms
        • Taxation
        • Visas and work permits


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General Information

Are the legal services limited to Slovenia?

Yes, the legal services are limited to Slovenia with minor exceptions being issues related to the EU. Due to regulations and laws differing across countries, we can only provide legal services for Slovenia and matters that are applicable to all EU countries identically.

Can Vizaris be hired for lawyer and notary services?

No, the lawyer and notary services must be specifically done by professionals with bar exam and notary licenses respectively. However, Vizaris can be hired to find, choose and act as an intermediary while delivering other legal services not specifically requiring lawyer or notary services.

Can additional legal services be requested?

Yes, you may request the legal services not specified. The request will be reviewed and you will be invited for a short meeting to clarify the request. The decision on acceptance of your request will be delivered hastily.

Can I hire Vizaris as a long-term legal advisor of a firm?

Yes, the legal services can be ordered and delivered on a continuous basis with strict limitations put on the legal obligation requiring notary or lawyer services. Due to legal requirements and restrictions, lawyer and notary services can be arranged.

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