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Foreign Markets

In the ever growing global interdependence and the growth of global trade, the key to success has changed to seeing the world as your market. Entering and collaborating with the business in the EU is a step towards becoming a part of a powerful market of the European Union. Growing beyond the border of the EU market is as crucial as entering the market. Utilizing the market power and the business opportunities in numerous markets is vital for your success.


Foreign Markets

The global world of business is increasingly more interconnected across the countries and the markets. With the growth in business opportunities and accessibility, the foreign markets became ever less restricted and limited to only the biggest of firms. Entering or growing beyond the EU market is the necessary step with endless opportunities. Entrusting us with finding you the economic locale as well as business partners can provide you with a much needed help for your success.

Foreign Market Services

  • Business intermediation
  • Business partners
  • Globalization consultation
  • Entering the EU market
  • Entering the non-EU markets
  • Market choosing
  • Market reports


Serving you the foreign markets


Exploring the business world beyond the local market can be challenging with limited information and high costs of collecting the information, finding partners as well as building a successful network. Entering the EU market can be challenging with numerous countries and vast economical and political differences between different markets within the EU and abroad.


We provide you with full service and help to enter the EU market by establishing a firm in Slovenia under our guidance and help. Slovenia offers a unique and unmatched opportunity for businesses and creates a platform from which anyone can effortlessly access and EU economy. Additionally, we provide you with the services of collecting the information and act as intermediaries with business partners and entering non-EU markets.


Package and services

Expanding your business and entering new markets is a necessary aspect that allows for the true growth and success. Foreign markets provide a unique set of opportunities and market power. Regardless of the difficulties, the EU market is a powerful market with high purchasing power and diverse needs and offerings. Providing you with the access to EU market through Slovenia is an excellent opportunity to utilize a favorable legal environment while maintaining equal rights to business in all other EU countries. Common currency, lack of borders, connectivity, proximity to both EU and non-EU markets makes Slovenia an excellent choice for any business entering the market. Similarly, focusing solely on EU markets can be restricting and prevent the true growth. Helping you and your business enter new markets through partnership, investment or simply opening a business.

While opening a business is not the only way of entering the market, we offer you the services of acting as business intermediaries. We offer you the assistance and intermediations with information on new business partners as well as negotiations. Collecting and providing you with the information on businesses and markets to provide you with the necessities for succeeding in a new market:

        • Business intermediation
        • Business partners
        • Globalization consultation
        • Entering the EU market
        • Entering the non-EU markets
        • Market choice
        • Market reports


Business Inquiry

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General Information

Do businesses in Slovenia have equal rights and are subject to the same laws?

Businesses in Slovenia have the same EU rights and duties as other EU businesses from the EU perspective and are subject to the same EU-wide laws as other EU businesses. However, country specific legislation on taxes, restrictions and others are country specific.

While certain aspects hold true for all EU and certain laws are standardized across EU, taxation and other aspects differ between countries.

What services do you offer as intermediaries?

We act on your behalf by collecting the information regarding serving your needs, finding the required businesses and services, find business partners and acting as intermediaries between you and the business contacted.

How do you help with entering the market?

Yes, due to legal requirements and accounting practices, the accounting services are limited to Slovenia.

What are the main markets you serve?

The primary markets are EU-27 countries, UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Additional markets can be requested and discussed on a case by case basis. The additional markets Russian Federation, China, South Korea, Dubai and Qatar are also offered for the services.

In terms of opening a business fully rather than acting as intermediaries, the only market is Slovenia.

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