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Running a business is a challenge well know to us and every challenge needs a proper solution and approach. Helping you find a solution and optimal approach is the least we can do for you and your business. With the years of experience and diversity, we can help you set your business for success



Providing you with the insight and a much needed second opinion to help you set up your business for success and avoid unwanted difficulties. The market dynamics and legal schemes are ever changing and complex. Ensuring the support and correct information may be the difference between success and failure.

Consulting Services

  • Business operations
  • Business structure and organization
  • Company registration
  • Financial consulting
  • Market entry
  • Market and industry dynamics
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Taxation
  • Visa and worker consultation


Providing you with knowledge


The desire to grow, expand and move your business to a new level while encountering the issue of uncertainty and a lack of insight. Needing a help with the information regarding the dynamics and a second opinion that would help you make the right decision for you and your business.


Helping you by providing the insightful information on legal structure and dynamics of a Slovenian market, while providing you with economic and business information from the EU markets. Solving the issues by researching the optimal solution and ensuring you can make informed decision.


Business Structure and Organization

With the success and the survival of the businesses depending on the legal and financial organization of your business, ensuring optimal financial and legal structure is of the utmost importance. Additionally, finding and choosing the best market and country for your business can be a difference between success and mere survival. Providing you with the information and ensuring the business organization on the EU and world scale to set your business for success.

Dwelling deeper in the tax and legal systems, accompanied by the market choice is our expertise to set your business for success from the first moment. While we organize your business, you can focus on the operations while we, through our intermediation services, execute the agreements and ensure your satisfaction.

“The devil is in the details,  excellent structure and the organization of the business is as relevant as the services provided”


Package and services

Business consists of countless different operations and aspects one must control. With persistent engagement in the business, a fresh opinion is always welcome. Growing your business and entering the new world is filled with uncertainty and often a lack of knowledge. Providing you with the second opinion and with the information necessary for you to make well-informed decisions and bring the new world to you:

        • Business operations and plan revision
        • Business structure and organization
        • Company registration and organization
        • Financial consulting and reporting
        • Legal obligations and limitations in Slovenia
        • Market dynamics and entry possibilities
        • Mergers and acquisitions of other firms
        • Taxation
        • Visas and work permits


Business Inquiry

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General Information

Is the legal consulting limited to Slovenia

Yes, the consultation on legal matters is limited to Slovenia with minor exceptions being issues related to the EU. Due to regulations and laws differing across countries, we can only provide legal consultation for Slovenia and matters that are applicable to all EU countries identically.

How are consultation services delivered?

The consultation is delivered with the most suitable approach given the limitations at the time of delivery. If possible, the consultation can happen in person, through video conference or a written report.

How can I request consulting services?

Submit the form provided on this site with all the necessary and relevant information. Upon reviewing the form, you will be contacted for details and a short free consultation to agree on the services requested and your needs.

Can I hire Vizaris as a long-term advisor on a continuous basis?

Yes, you can order consulting services on a per need basis or as an ongoing service with monthly rate.

What is the consultation rate?

The rate is calculated and determined on a case by case basis depending on the scope and nature of the work as well as requested services.

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